The history of this vineyard is inscribed in its soil. These few flints predate our appellation and even long before the arrival of vines. They come from the scree of the Massif Central. Our soils are very rich in iron (red colour) which is very favourable to the expression of great red wines. Man is very small compared to the time it took to create these exceptional terroirs.

Discover our magnificent estate

The Domaine des Costes is a vineyard certified in Organic Agriculture since 2007. Located in the heart of Bergerac, its name comes from the old French word for hillsides.

A love of wine and the land passed on over the years

The Domaine des Costes vineyard belonged to the Foucault family at the beginning of the last century, and changed ownership several times.

In 1992, we took over the property in leasehold. All our attention is given to the vineyard and we put into practice our knowledge of the terroir and the vinification to produce Pécharmant wines that are representative of the appellation and highlight the different terroirs. Our wines stand out for their finesse and their aromas.

In 1999 we decided to renovate the cellar and the entire winery.

In 2004, the vines were managed organically and we applied for certification. This approach allows us to put forward a high quality product, to respect the environment, and to produce organic Bergerac appellation Pécharmant wines on the estate.


Organic wines with character

In 1998 the estate saw the birth of a new cuvée called the "Grande Réserve". It corresponds to the selection of the best plots of land on the estate and is aged for 2 years in new barrels.

The Domaine des Costes offers you the direct sale of organic wines from Pécharmant

In order to reduce intermediaries and to allow you to discover our fabulous wine estate, we propose to our customers the direct sale of organic wines from Pécharmant and Bergerac.