Our property is located in the commune of Bergerac, one of the four communes authorised to produce wines with the Pécharmant appellation. The estate covers more than 11 hectares and produces mainly red wines.

An exceptional terroir for an exceptional wine

Our estate, dedicated to Pécharmant wines, has the advantage of being one of the rare areas of the vineyard where we find a sandy-clay and stony soil coming from the scree of the Massif Central. This composition gives it a terroir that is very favourable to the ripening of the Cabernets, which alone account for more than 50% of the estate's vineyard.


An incredibly diverse soil

Eleven different soils have been identified on the estate by the "Hérody" method. They are all conducive to the production of high quality red wines and allow us to produce very different vintages.

Did you know that? The fruit aromas are always present and are very intense in our wines: it is a characteristic that marks our difference in the panel of Pécharmant wines. Our property is referenced in numerous guides and has even been rewarded in competitions for the quality of its wines.